Why do you really need a Cuisinart grind-and-brew coffee maker

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This article is all about the reviews of Cuisinart grind-and-brew coffee makers. As in the name, it is the combination of two appliances grinder and a brewer which makes the process of coffee making a pleasure. Okay lets see in a detailed way its design and the features it has got.

Product design:
-First of all lets see its physical dimensions. Height- 16.3 Inches, Width – 8.3 inches, Depth – 11.6 Inches.
-It has got a wonderful square shaped design with extremely smooth finish which makes it fit in to various modern style kitchens.
-It is a 12 cup automatic coffee maker which is capable of adjusting the number of cups of coffee to be grinded by a setting which is pretty good feature.
-It has a bean hopper which is capable of holding half a pound of coffee beans and it has a sealed lid which can help in preventing the beans from moisture.
-The Grind and brew coffee makes has a specially designed grinding and brewing chamber which makes beans easy to get grinded and then to remove.
-It also has got a charcoal water filter and a gold toned coffee filter which allows only pure coffee flavors to pass through.
-the reservoir cover is wonderful with easy flipping back and prevents operation if the reservoir cover is open .
-It also has got the measuring scoops and the brush.
-And finally, all the product parts are dishwasher safe.

Product Features:
-One of the most important element in coffee making is the water used. Since Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker has charcoal water filtering, it removes chlorine, bad taste and odors.-the next important thing in a good coffee is how grind the beans are. the grind and grew coffee maker is designed perfectly to grind the beans to a medium coarse such that the coffee powder is not too fine or not too coarse. if the coffee is grind too fine it will result in bitterness and if it is too coarse, all of the flavors will not be extracted.
-It has the capability to make 12(5 ounce) cups of coffee at a time.
-It has an elegant Italian styling and 24 hour auto programmable which automatically grinds coffee beans before brewing.
-It also has brew pause feature which allows us to have a cup of coffee before brewing is done.
-Its showerhead feature helps distributing water evenly and hence reducing temperature loss as water passes through.
-The heating plate is scratch resistant and it is non stick making it easier to handle.

Easy Operation with control panel. Making coffee is a joy when we have Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker in our kitchen.

Lets see about the buttons in the control panel which is very much user friendly.
-It has an ON/OFF/AUTO OFF button with a LED indicator with an audible tone indicating start and end of coffee brewing.
-It also has a low cup setting button which allows us to set the number of cups while brewing less than 5 cups.
-Program setting led indicator by which we can set programmed mode ON.
-It also has a clock display in it.

So guys, hope you all rushing to buy Cuisinart Grind-and-brew coffee maker. Happy buying !!!


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