A Review of the Hamilton Beach Flex Brew Coffee Machine

Courtesy of http://www.letsdripsomecoffee.com
Courtesy of http://www.letsdripsomecoffee.com

A few years back, Hamilton Beach brought into the market one of the most versatile auto drip coffee machines: the Two-Way Brewer. The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew is the only coffee maker that offers both single-serve coffee and the option of brewing a full pot. It is packed with various features that will definitely meet the needs of everyone. The rich and flavored coffee it brews will make any coffee lover like it. 

With the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew, the user can put in one of the numerous cool K-Cup flavored coffees currently available. Given how popular the K-Cups are, there will be a unique flavor that suits each person. The user can also top the single-serve compartment with his or her own preferred ground coffee. This feature makes it much better when compared to any Keurig machine found on the market. With a Keurig’s machine, a special K-Cup adapter is needed for someone to brew their own coffee. The Two-Way FlexBrew has a permanently fitted filter brew basket, meaning the option is in-built. No additional assessors are required. 

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew is perfect for those wishing to prepare an entire pot of coffee. With this machine, an individual can make up to 12 cups with the carafe. It is even possible to customize the coffee by selecting desired brew strength. The user can program the machine to brew it either at regular brew or at bold. Irrespective of what someone’s desire is, this brilliant coffee maker is equipped to meet his or her needs. 

 Not only can someone program the strength of coffee that he or she wants the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew to brew. The machine is also equipped with a time that can be programmed. The user does not have to wake up several minutes in advance to ensure that his or her coffee is ready in time. An individual can set up the timer the previous night in order to have a steaming cup of hot coffee when he or she wakes up. The timer is also equipped with a two-hour automatic shutoff that helps in saving power. 

Someone may decide to brew an entire cup of coffee then decide halfway that he or she does not have the time to await it to finish. Such an individual does not have to worry as the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew has a pause-and-serve feature. With this feature, the user can remove the pot, pour a steaming hot cup of coffee, put the pot back and resume the brewing process. 

There is an in-built permanent filter in the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew. This means that a user no longer has to buy disposable filters,something that could save a lot of money over the machine’s lifetime. With such an innovative feature, each cup of coffee brewed will definitely be of the highest quality and also the freshest. Another notable feature of the machine is the ease at which it can be cleaned. All the removable parts such as the brewing basket, the K-Cup holder, the cup rest and the permanent filter are dishwasher safe. This eases the cleanup process. 


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